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 we are running our firm since 45 years.we are selling all types of sarees.Now the latest trend is designer sarees.we specialists in these sarees.All Leading brands like Laxmipati Designers, Ambica Designers,Subash Designers e.t.c..Brasso sarees are creating sensation now a days.

Designer Sarees

Our decorous and attractive showcase of designer saris includes a wide variety in alluring colour combinations & meticulously crafted designs. These designs effectively meet both traditional as well as contemporary fashion taste of end users. Proven grade fabric is used to ascertain their unmatched quality standards.

Wide range of artistic embroidery & aesthetic thread works highlight our range of designer saris. The incomparable embroidery of our saris reflects the skills of our dexterous designers. The entire designing works precisely reflect Indian richness & cultural.

Laxmipati Sarees

Laxmipati sarees     Enter in to the new world 

let us see the new desings of laxmipathi.These sarees are world famous. No.1 in INDIA. Different types of blouse styles is a great speciality for these sarees (brasso blouse,work blouse,netted blouse etc...


dress materials


Wear Indian saree in different styles:

Gujrati saree style: This version of draping commonly known as ‘seedha pallu style”, is also found in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. In this style, the loose end is draped over the shoulder rather than the left, and is also draped back-to-front rather than other way round. It is quiet different from other styles of saree drapping.

Bengali saree style: This way of draping an Indian saree, where the saree is worn pleat less. The s is thrown over the left shoulder, the pallu is then brought up under the right arm and once again cast over the left shoulder.aree cloth is wrapped around the waist, brought back to the right side and the pallu 

Maharastrian saree style: In maharatrian way of saree draping instead of usual five and a half meters, the saree measures eight meters. One portion of the saree is drawn up between the legs, tucked in behind the waist, while another portion is draped as a pallu over the bosom. Thus it forms a kind of divided saree allowing greater freedom of movement. It’s also known as ‘nauvari style’ of draping a saree.

Tamilian Style:This way of saree drapping style is very much like maharashrian style. In this style too the saree measures 8 meters, after wrapping around the waist, the pleats are positioned along the left leg. The rest of the saree is taken over the shoulder, wrapped once again around the waist and tucked on the left side.

An Indian woman sometimes wears a saree not only as a piece of clothing but also to show where she comes from. These styles differ though are based on what part of India she is from and on what traditional style of draping she is following. Saree is Indian women’s statement to the world. Now a days the metro women want to experiment with different saree.


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